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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Liquieur (力嬌酒)

Liquieur (力嬌酒)

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Litchao Liqueur
Price: 188.00 HK$

•    Varietal:  Liqueur
•    Liquor Style:  Fruit Liqueurs
•    Packing: 70cl*6
•    Alc: 20%

Cherry Heering Liqueur
Price: 208.00 HK$

CHERRY HEERING liqueur’s rich and rounded finish comes from its maturation in casks for a minimum of five years.

•    A special strain of cherry is used- the small, dark Stevens Cherry which has been evolved
    from an ancient variety still to be found growing wild in parts of Denmark
•    In order to make the CHERRY HEERING liqueur, the Stevens cherries are pressed together
    with stones to create a unique cherry taste
•    The pressed cherries (including the juice that is pressed off the fruits)
    are then pumped to oak vats where alcohol is added
•    In order to ensure that the rich taste of the cherries is maximized,
    the blend needs to rest and circulate for several months. 3-5 years later the product
     will be bottled. Some say that this is what adds that extravagance to the Cherry Heering Liqueur

Price: 88.00 HK$

We use only North American cranberries to
give this new liqueur its authentic,
Cranberry flavour. The distinctive taste
is bitter-sweet, but also nice and fruity.

Wenneker Cranberry Liqueur can be used
in a number ways: as well as a
refreshing cocktail ingredient, Wenneker
Cranberry is also great in sauces, salad
dressings and desserts…

Colour: as red as red can be
Available in: 70 cl – 15%

Price: 88.00 HK$

Concentrated black currant juice and a delicious currant extract form the base of
this heavy dark red liqueur. This extremely sweet and concentrated
black currant liqueur is the important ingredient which gives the
famous “Kir Royal” its flavour.

In addition, it is of course a fantastic element in many other cocktails
and long-drinks.

Colour: dark purple-red
Available in: 70 cl – 15%

Price: 88.00 HK$

This is one of the most fruity liqueurs of the
whole range. The delightful, full taste of
sun-riped raspberries provides this Liqueur
its extraordinary summer-character. As the
raspberry is only available from the end of
July till mid August, the extract is made in
the summer-season.This extract is the base
for Wenneker Raspberry.

Colour: clear red
Available in: 70 cl – 15%

Price: 88.00 HK$

Only the best, fresh berries are used for
Wenneker Sloe Gin. They are Gin-extracted
and the extract thus obtained, together
with a beautiful gin distillate, forms the
basis for this special liqueur.

Wenneker Sloe gin has won a bronze medal in the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2003, category Liqueur – Fruit

Colour: dark red
Available in: 70 cl – 20%

Price: 88.00 HK$

This is a refreshing liqueur on the basis
of our home distilled curaçao distillate.
Curacao apples (look like oranges) and
citrus fruits can be clearly recognised
in the flavour.Because of the bright blue
colour, Blue Curacao is a popular and
indispensable ingredient for many cocktails.

Wenneker Blue Curaçao has won a bronze medal in the International
Wine & Spirit Competition 2007 in the category Liqueur
– Fruit – Orange

Colour: bright blue
Available in: 70 cl – 24%

Price: 88.00 HK$

Wenneker Butterscotch is a very friendly
liqueur with a full butter flavour and
freshly caramelised brown sugar. The
flavour will certainly remind you of
something like Werthers original candies.

Colour: light golden colour
Available in: 70 cl – 15%

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