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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Schlink Haus RIESLING 1500ml

Schlink Haus RIESLING 1500ml

Price: 208.00 HK$

Schlink Haus Riesling QbA 1500ml

Vintage: 2020

Pronunciation: reez-ling

The finest and best known of Germany's white varietals.
Well balanced and slightly fruity, semi-dry.
A crisp and refreshing wine for seafood, chicken and salads.

Variety:     Riesling
Varietal Percentage:     100%
Age of Vines:     3 to 30 years
Soil Type:     Loamy, sandy and slaty soil
Date Picked:     October
Harvest Sugar:     ca. 50° - 72 Öchsle
Fermentation Time:     8 weeks
Temperature Range:     Cold fermentation
Fermentation Container:     Stainless steel
Alcohol:     ca. 9,5% -11,0% vol.
Residual Sugar:     ca. 30-35gr/Ltr.
Acidity:     ca. 6,0-8,5gr/Ltr.
Approximate Lifespan:     5 years


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