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Sunday, January 29, 2023



Manufacturer: Thorn Clarke
Price: 158.00 HK$

Mount Crawford

Cool wines with altitude from South Australia's Mount Crawford Vineyard.
If you come to our part of the world one day, you'll find the coldest recorded place in South Australia most days is Mount Crawford. The weather station sits at the top of the hill, just up from our vineyard.
Great news definitely for premium quality white grapes. Consider also that the vineyard has a superb aspect and is in the best part of one of Australia’s greatest white wine producing regions and you have the basis for crafting some of the Australia’s finest white wines – now available under the new Thorn-Clarke Mount Crawford label.

In Eden Valley and especially with the white varieties the continental
climate is key. Elevation at Mount Crawford and low humidity in
summer means warm days are followed by cool nights.
Being in the Southern Hemisphere after solstice the sun heads North
again. Having exposure to that sun. in the critical late summer early
Autumn ripening period is critical to the grapes philological development.

The site faces North East and so the vines get sunshine early and
then for most of the day encouraging the ripening process. The
more time the grapes spend between 18 degrees and 28 degrees
the more complete the development and resulting varietal character in the wine.

For the same reason the vineyards of the Cote D'or in Burgundy are
on the Southern facing slopes. Being on the slope of quite a steep
hill, the soils have been leached over the years making the soil
lean and lacking nutrients. This makes it very difficult for the
vines to be too vigorous. They have to work hard to survive which
produces more intense flavours and varietal character.

Vintage: 2019       Alc: 12%
750ml x 6

:The wine has lifted perfumed floral and lime characters
 on the nose.
:The palate is flavoursome but has finesse. Primary citrus characters
 are balanced with a subtle musk spice.
:The wine has a backbone of minerally acid which persists after the
 wine has left the mouth.
年份: 2019         酒精度:12%

: 葡萄酒散發出香水花香和石灰特性的氣味。
: 味道很好,但幼細。主要有柑橘特性香氣,伴隨點點麝香香料氣
: 葡萄酒有一個礦物酸的骨架,修結悠長。

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