Sally’s Paddock
Sally’s Paddock Sally’s Paddock

Sally’s Paddock

Sally’s Paddock                                 Pyrenees, Victoria, Australia

Neill and Sally Robb planted their first vines in 1973 which consisted of
Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec varieties.

Today there are 45 acres under vine, which produce high quality grapes.
The original vineyard of Sally's Paddock, named after Neill's wife Sally, is still a non-irrigated single vineyard
that continues to deliver a wine of wonderful complexity and depth.

Sally's Paddock is proudly listed as 'Distinguished' on the Langton's Classification of Distinguished Australian Wine.
The Sally's Paddock has been listed in their catalogue since its inception.
Langton's Classification is now a cornerstone of the "ultra-fine Australian wine market".
It is based on the actual buying patterns of their clients (over 6000 active members).
Thus, it transcends personal agendas, pompous glorifications and endless accolades.

Neill Sally Robb 於1973年推出首款以赤霞珠,品麗珠,施赫,美樂及瑪爾貝克葡萄所釀造而成的葡萄酒。

Neill 及 Sally Robb 於1973年推出首款以赤霞珠,品麗珠,施赫,美樂及瑪爾貝克葡萄所釀造而成

酒庄以Neill 的妻子名稱命名,致力釀製具層次及深度的葡萄酒,Sally’s Paddock 於澳洲 Langton
被列為 "優越等級",Sally’s Paddock 自此被列在 Langton 的目錄上

而 Langton 級別被視為澳洲葡萄酒質素參考指標之基石